About Us

The history of the Mansfield Library starts in 1795 with the establishment of the Social Library Society of North Mansfield. When the Town of Mansfield accepted the Mansfield Center Library as an entity in 1911, it was done on the condition that borrowing be free to the public. Our library has changed a lot over the years, but we’ve always maintained the goal of providing Mansfield residents with access to books and information.

Today, the mission of Mansfield Library is to provide convenient access to information that can enhance the lives of Mansfield residents of all ages. The Library emphasizes current, popular materials, provides programs of general interest to the Mansfield community and encourages young children’s interests in reading and learning.

The goals of Mansfield Library are:
1. To provide a broad range of materials in a variety of formats
2. To make Library materials available throughout the community
3. To offer programs and services that promote lifelong learning
4. To provide qualified staff to both assist patrons and promote the active use of the full range of library resources

January 8, 2001