Confidentiality of Circulation Records

Title 11-25 (b) of the Connecticut General Statutes states: “notwithstanding the provisions of section 1-19, personally identifiable information contained in the circulation records of all public libraries shall be confidential.”

Mansfield Library Policy on Confidentiality of Records:

All records, formal and informal, in the Mansfield Library relating to patron registration and the subsequent circulation by patrons of materials provided by the library are confidential. Mansfield Library records on individual users are for the sole purpose of protecting public property and are not to be used to identify types of materials used by or personal information about individuals. Under no circumstances shall library staff provide information of any kind about an individual library user.

No library records shall be made available to the public, press, or governmental agency, except by such process, order, or subpoena authorized by federal, state, or local law. The Library Director shall resist such process, order or subpoena until there is a proper show of good cause. Any costs incurred by the library in any search of records shall be charged to the agency demanding such a search.