Rules of Behavior


  1. To provide a safe and respectful environment for both patrons and staff.
  2. To provide consistent disciplinary action for all people.


The Mansfield Public Library encourages people to visit the library. Those using the library and its resources have the right to expect a safe, comfortable environment that supports the appropriate use of library services.

Library staff may suspend or terminate facility privileges for anyone who is disrespectful, uncooperative, or who displays any other behavior/action that undermines the positive experience of patrons or the authority of library staff. Those who have been barred must meet with the Director or his/her designee before being readmitted. Juveniles will be asked to bring a parent or guardian to such a conference.

Minor infractions include, but are not limited to:

  • noisy or boisterous actions, including running
  • conversation that is disturbing to other individuals or employees, including but not limited to profanity or other abusive language
  • actions made to deliberately annoy others or which prevent the legitimate use of the library and its resources, including but not limited to following or staring at other individuals, initiating unwanted conversations, impeding ingress or egress from the building
  • smoking
  • attempting to access non-public areas
  • using skateboards, roller-blades, roller-skates, or any other sports equipment anywhere on library property
  • distributing literature, taking surveys, or asking individuals or employees to sign petitions or similar activities
  • inappropriately loud use of mobile devices such as phones and personal listening devices

Major infractions include, but are not limited to:

  • possessing a gun, knife, firearms or any other weapon
  • stealing
  • fighting and other acts of aggression
  • possessing or consuming alcohol, illegal drugs, or other lethal substances
  • intoxication
  • vandalism of personal or town property (includes graffiti)
  • sexual, verbal or physical harassment or threat to patrons or staff
  • leaving any child under the age of eight unattended
  • violation of any federal, state, or local ordinance


  1. All librarians have the authority to implement approved enforcement guidelines fairly and consistently.
  2. The Director or designated staff will review all incidents.
  3. Modifications to these listed guidelines require the approval of the Director before modified actions may be taken.
  4. All incidents will be documented and place in a confidential file.
  5. All incidents regarding minors will involve a copy of the incident report mailed to a parent/guardian and a phone contact made by the Director or designated staff to the parent/guardian.
  6. Staff implementing suspension is responsible for ensuring that necessary parties are notified and that suspension information is entered into the appropriate system.
  7. Patrons and parents of minors will reserve the right to discuss incidents and implemented enforcement guidelines with staff. However, after review, the Directors (or other designated staff) decision is final.
  8. The Town of Mansfield reserves the right to exercise additional disciplinary actions against any individual found guilty or entering a guilty plea associated with physical violence or sexual offense.
  9. Children under the age of 8 are not safe when left unattended in the library. If a parent or other responsible adult cannot be located, unattended children will be placed in the care of the Mansfield Police. Under no circumstances will library staff escort a child off library property or transport children to another location.

Enforcement Guidelines:

Minor Infractions

Offense; Document With Report; Notify Parents if Under 18; Suspension Penalty
1st Offense; YES; YES; Remainder of current day and next full day
2nd Offense; YES; YES; Two Weeks
3rd Offense; YES; YES; One Month

Major Infractions

Offense; Document With Report; Notify Parents if Under 18; Suspension Penalty
1st Offense; YES; YES; One Month Minimum
2nd Offense; YES; YES; Three Month Minimum
3rd Offense; YES; YES; Requires Director approval to return

Library Incident Report