Pay for Fines/Items?

Fines or bills totaling over $5.00 will place a block on your account. At this time, the Mansfield Public Library only accepts payment in the form of cash or check. Payments can be made in person, or checks can be mailed to

Mansfield Public Library
54 Warrenville Road
Mansfield Center, CT< br>06250

Please make checks payable to the Town of Mansfield.

NOTE: Fines can be paid to the Mansfield Public Library regardless of whether the fines were accumulated on our items. Bills which are issued on items NOT belonging to the Mansfield Public Library must be paid to the owning library. Any library items that have been lost or irreparably damaged will be charged to the borrower at the replacement cost. Please do not attempt to repair damaged items – we have special materials and ways of dealing with things – thanks! Replacement copies are not accepted. Payments for lost items will be refunded if the item is returned, under the following conditions:

  1. The item is in good condition
  2. The item is returned within two weeks of payment
  3. The patron presents payment receipt.

To see the general fines and fees schedules, please visit the Library Fees, Fines, & Other Charges page.