Open Space Preservation Committee

On September 24, 2018 the Town Council dissolved the Open Space Preservation Committee and Parks Advisory Committee.  The duties and responsibilities of these committees will now be completed by the Parks and Naturals Resources Committee.

Committees Agendas and Minutes

The charge of the Open Space Preservation committee, as endorsed by the Committee on Committees, is as follows:


The Open Space Preservation Committee shall be an advisory board to the Town Council and other

Town officials with the following charges and duties:    


a. To advise Town officials concerning open space preservation actions, as outlined in the “Planning, Acquisition, and Management Guidelines, Mansfield Open Space, Park, Recreation, Agricultural Properties and  Conservation Easements,” which was approved by the Town Council in 2009.  

These actions include:

  • Review properties offered for Town acquisition
  • Review proposed subdivisions and submit comments to PZC about proposed open space dedications
  • Participate in the development of management plans for Town properties.

b. To act as a sounding board and provide review to town departments, boards and commissions concerning the impact of proposed town policies on preservation of open space.

c. To contribute to updates of the Plan of Conservation and Development.

           Education and Outreach

           a.  To increase awareness of the Town’s Open Space Preservation Program

           b.  To educate and work with landowners to promote public and private land preservation projects.


MEMBERSHIP: The Open Space Preservation Committee shall consist of 5 regular voting members (one of which shall be an ex officio representative of the Conservation Commission) and 2 alternates appointed by the Town Council in accordance with A§192 of the Mansfield Code.  The appointments shall be staggered three year terms.  A representative of the Planning and Zoning  Commission and a representative of the Parks Advisory Committee may serve as  liaison between the Committee and the Commission. Insofar as practical, members appointed shall offer expertise in land use planning or environmental/natural resource fields, such as forestry, soils, wetlands, wildlife, geology, botany. A chairman and a secretary will be elected by the committee and will serve for a term of one year.