Suzuki Violin

Beginner Suzuki Violin Program (Ages 4+) 

The Suzuki philosophy emphasizes how learning music in the early years is crucial for developing mental processes and muscle coordination, the method allows for the learning of skills through musicianship starting at a very young age. Suzuki programs emphasize active parent involvement, responsibility, encouragement, and constant repetition, etc. in the learning process in both individual and group lesson settings. This program section is for the beginner. The weekly group class will reinforce skills learned in individual lessons while also providing a social element utilizing organized group activities. Currently accepting Suzuki Violin Book 1 and 2 students. Those beyond Suzuki Violin Book 2 are welcome to register for traditional private lessons until group lessons become available for Books 3 and 4. Suzuki Violin Groups will be held on Fridays 5-5:45pm (10 weeks), with 10- 30 minute private lessons offered on Wednesday afternoons/evenings and Friday afternoons. Please register for Suzuki using the activity number below. You will be contacted to arrange your private lesson time. Parent participation in lessons is required. Instrument rental and book materials are not included. 

Instructor: Bobby Luan 

Location: Lenard Hall Group Class Dates: Fri., Oct. 6 - Dec. 15 (10 classes) *no lessons Thanksgiving week 

Group Class Time: 5-5:45 p.m., Individual lesson times arranged after registration. 

Fee: $430 for residents, $440 for non-residents *fee includes weekly 30-minute individual lessons and weekly 45 minute group class. 

Activity #: 230105-A

Beg. Suzuki Violin Fall 2023