Reserve the Buchanan Auditorium

NOTE: In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, for the foreseeable future, we will not be accepting requests to book the auditorium.

The Buchanan Auditorium is part of the Buchanan Center, and is available for appropriate use. The Buchanan Center is also the location of the Mansfield Public Library. The auditorium has a parking lot of about thirty spaces and its own entrance from Route 89 (54 Warrenville Road).

There is access to a small kitchen and three bathrooms (one is handicapped accessible, and has a pulldown changing table). The auditorium itself has wireless internet access, is carpeted, and seats 100 people comfortably in chairs. A sound system, wall screen, chairs and tables are available for use by groups booking the facility.

We are only able to book one event per Saturday.

Please be aware that if your booking requires the services of a custodian outside of the library’s normal schedule, your group must pay to cover the costs, generally between $96-$120, depending on the day.

Please view the Buchanan Auditorium Calendar by clicking the following link to see if your desired date is free before submitting your request: Buchanan Auditorium Calendar

Please read the guidelines for use of the Buchanan Auditorium (PDF).

Buchanan Auditorium Room Reservation Form

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1. Regularly scheduled meetings of Town agencies.2. Meetings or programs sponsored by the Town or its agencies, the Board of Education, or other governmental agencies.3. Party caucuses or Town Committee meetings.4. Recognized non-profit youth groups such as Scouts or 4-H.5. Political parties holding non-partisan activities of general interest where no fee is levied.6. Community groups not under direct control of a Town or school agency – composed primarily of Mansfield residents, providing a service to Mansfield residents, participation and/or membership is open to anyone, and sponsored/administered by a volunteer board of directors.7. Meetings of religious groups and money raising activities sponsored by community or political groups other than those in numbers one and two.8. Groups made up primarily of Mansfield residents, open only to specific members.9. Other:


Fees: No charges for groups 1-6 when the library is open. Charges may apply when the library is closed for groups 6-9. All requests must be approved by the Library Director.

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