COVID-19 Update | Mansfield Library Services

All Mansfield Public Library branches are closed until further notice. All programs and meetings are cancelled. 

Staff is available Monday – Friday from 10AM – 4PM to answer phone calls.

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10AM – 4PM: Monday – Friday.


9AM-5PM : Monday – Friday.


We will begin accepting phone calls for this service on Friday, May 22, 10AM-4PM.

Mansfield residents ONLY.

Up to 10 items per order –  books, magazines, DVDs, audiobooks only.

Two week loan period, no renewals, no holds.

More details to follow.

WHEN ARE THINGS DUE BACK TO THE LIBRARY (applies to Items checked out before the library closed in March):  Books, DVDs, magazines, etc., have automatically been renewed with a due date of June 30.  Other items such as Chromebooks, portable DVD players, tools, cake pans, etc., are due in by May 29 (see return information below).  You can check your record online or contact the library if you have questions regarding a due date.

LIBRARY FINES: The library does not charge overdue fines on most items.  All fines are suspended through the end of May for Chromebooks, portable DVD players, tools, and cake pans.

BOOK DROPS: The bookdrop at the main library is open.  We may need to close it occasionally as we must quarantine all returns for a few days.  Don’t rush to return your items, as most things aren’t due until the end of June. Bookdrops at other locations remain closed.

THINGS THAT DON’T GO IN THE BOOK DROP:  We are currently contacting people who have Chromebooks, portable DVD players, tools, cake pans, story kits, etc., to arrange for their return.  These items are due by Friday, May 29.

HOLDS: Items currently on the holdshelf in our libraries will continue to be held until the libraries reopen.

LIBRARY CARDS: We are automatically renewing any cards that expire between now and June.

Mansfield residents who would like to stream movies and TV shows, access the downloadable collection, or check out any of our online resources can apply for a library card online by filling out the application here. All downloadable resources are available on our website 24/7.

FAX SERVICES: Online fax service is available. Visit FaxScan24 to send a fax from any device. The cost is 99 cents for the 1st page and 49 cents for each additional page. For an additional 49 cents you may choose to get a text confirmation regarding the status of your fax. If you choose to not get a text confirmation, you can call FaxScan24 at 1-800-468-2748 for verbal confirmation or visit to view the status there.

You can find additional information and updates on the Town of Mansfield’s website ( and Eastern Highlands Health District’s website.

To view critical COVID-19 information translated in 30+ languages visit COVID-19 Health Literacy Project.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Connecticut internet service providers have been making efforts to help residents get online and stay connected. To view the packages offered visit the Connecticut State website.