Digital Literacy

There’s no question that technological advances are happening at a much faster pace than they were 30 years ago, or that this changing digital world presents challenges for people at every stage of their lives. One of the primary functions of a public library is to provide quality information so that people can make choices in their lives. In that spirit, we, in cooperation with the public schools and other town departments, will be coordinating and presenting programming and information to help our citizens find a balance between their own needs and the offerings of the digital age. Check back with us online and in person as we present information on topics such as ‘fake news’, website reliability,  internet safety, screen time balance, bullying, identity theft, online financial safety, and how to use apps effectively.

Privacy is an important concern in the digital world. The San Jose Public Library has created a Virtual Privacy Lab, where you can read about different privacy issues, then answer some questions about your preferences. Your answers will be used to generate a plan you can use to adjust the amount of information that is available about you.

Internet Safety

Internet Safety for Adults
The USAA Educational Foundation has prepared information for adults on safe online practices. Online safety isn’t just for children.

Talking to Kids About Being Online
Start talking with your children early about their digital lives. Make it a habit!

Identity Theft Recovery
The FTC offers a plan for those who have been victim to identity theft.

Norton Antivirus Internet Safety Information
Norton has a comprehensive webpage on issues related to security online.

Tutorials and Parent Guides
Internet Safety Concepts has compiled an excellent list of information on popular apps, games and services.

News and Media Literacy

How to Spot Fake News
Incorrect or biased news is a growing issue in our world. Here are some tips to use when looking at the news.

Website Reliability
Strategies to determine if a website has reliable information.


Financial Safety offers help and information on online scams. Be aware!

FTC website
The FTC has up to date information and strategies to protect your identity and finances.

Making Safer Financial Transactions Online
Microsoft offers some good tips to insure that if you do make purchases online, you do it as safely as possible.



Cyberbullying Identification, Prevention and Response
The Cyberbullying Research Center offers a guide for dealing with online bullying.

Best Digital Practices
Digital Footprint
Your digital footprint is the total information that you either put on the internet yourself, via social media or other websites and transactions, and the information that websites keep about your habits based on how you use the internet. Take care to keep yours clean and appropriate.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has suggestions on a range of issues relating to media use by children.

Tech Talk Tuesdays
Dr. Delaney Ruston, the filmaker of the documentary movie Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age, has a blog with weekly conversation topics for families.

When in doubt, ASK! The public library is here for you if you have questions or are unsure about a technology or internet related issue. Our job is to help you find reliable information so that you can make the best choice for your life. We won’t tell you what to do, but we’ll give you information you need to make your own decisions.