Mansfield Library Services

We are pleased to announce that the Mansfield Public Library location at 54 Warrenville Road will open to the public on Monday, April 5, 2021.  The library will begin each day with 1.5 hours of appointment-only time for those who are vulnerable or uncomfortable entering the building when it is open to the general public.
Curbside services, mobile printing and browsing appointments are available at the Main branch located on 54 Warrenville Road. All branches of the Mansfield Public Library are closed.

Contact Us:

Phone: 860-423-2501


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Library Service Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday:  9:30 AM – 11 AM by appointment only, and 11 AM – 3 PM for walk-in service.

Tuesday & Thursday: 1:30 – 3 PM by appointment only, and 3 – 7 PM for walk-in service.

For the safety of staff and public alike, masks will be required to enter the building.

People who are unable to wear a mask may continue using curbside services or homebound delivery.

Most items must be returned in the outside book return to limit staff contact.  Only large items such as tools, story kits, cake pans, etc., or electronic items may be returned inside the building.

Patrons must observe physical distancing, maintaining a minimum of 6 feet distance between individuals when possible.  Only one person at a time should be in each book aisle.

Returns are quarantined for 96 hours.  Please be patient, we are processing items as fast as we can.  In comparison, think of the library as a takeout restaurant that gets all its containers (books) returned.

While we are looking forward to seeing you all, the library is not a place to linger at the moment.  The library is going to look a little different, with less furniture and no toys or puzzles out for use. But your library staff will be here, ready to help you in our best physically distanced manner!  We will do everything we can to provide library services to you safely and responsibly.  Please help us by observing the rules we have had to put in place.  Together we will get through this!

The Library Express at the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center and the Maple Road branch at the Senior Center will remain closed until further notice.

CURBSIDE PICKUP: Call the library, 860-423-2501, during regular service hours. You may request up to 10 items. Books will be retrieved after the phone call is completed, and you will usually be able to pick up your requests the following day.

COMPUTERS & PRINTING: Public computer use will be limited to 1 hour per person per day.  The first 10 pages will be free when printing from a public computer. Mobile Printing is also available.

  • Computer Use Hours.
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday:  10:00 AM – 11 AM by appointment only, and 11 AM — 3 PM for walk-in use.
    • Tuesday & Thursday: 2:00 PM – 3 PM by appointment only, and 3 – 7 PM for walk-in use

Interested in checking out a Chromebook, Mobile Hotspot, or other electronic device? Call the library at 860-423-2501 for more information.

COPIES & FAX:  Please call the library at 860-423-2501, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

MOBILE PRINTING: Mobile Printing services will continue during all open hours.

NOTARY SERVICE:  Please call the library at 860-423-2501 to make an appointment.


  • Most items may be placed in the book return (books, DVDs, magazines, CDs, etc.).
  • Large items such as tools, story kits, cake pans, etc., or electronic items may be returned inside the building.
  • Returns are quarantined for a minimum of 4 days.

DUE DATES: Our normal loan periods are now in effect. Please note that all materials are being quarantined for 96 hours upon return, so will not be removed from your account immediately.

LIBRARY FINES: The library does not charge overdue fines on most items.  If you receive an overdue notice for an item which you have recently returned, it may still be in quarantine.  Wait a few days, if it is still on your card, call the library to inquire further.  All fees are removed once an item is checked in.  You may still request items even if you have fines on your card.

BOOK DROPS: The bookdrop at the main library is open. Bookdrops at other locations remain closed.

THINGS THAT DON’T GO IN THE BOOK DROP: Chromebooks, portable DVD players, tools, cake pans and story kits.  Large items such as tools, story kits, cake pans, etc., should be placed in the receptacle by the front door during service hours.  ELECTRONIC DEVICES MUST BE RETURNED BY APPOINTMENT ONLY..

LIBRARY CARDS: You may apply for a library card online, or in person.

You can find additional COVID-19 information and updates on the Town of Mansfield’s website ( and Eastern Highlands Health District’s website.

To view COVID-19 information translated in 30+ languages visit COVID-19 Health Literacy Project.