Commission on Aging

The Charge to the Commission on Aging is:

The Commission on Aging shall consist of nine members who shall be appointed by the Town Council for three year overlapping terms.  The Director of Human Services and the Senior Center Supervisor shall be non-voting ex officio members.  The Commission shall advise the Town Council, the Town Manager, and the Director of Human Services as to the needs and concerns of the Senior Citizens of the Town of Mansfield.   The specific responsibilities of the Commission are:

1.    To study the conditions and needs of Senior Citizens in the Town in relation to housing, economics, health, transportation, and other matters.

2.    To recommend and evaluate programs to meet the needs of the Senior Citizens and to suggest priorities for action.

3.    To provide directions to appropriate resources for Senior Citizens in need of assistance.

4.    To furnish information and advocacy to agencies and service providers who support Senior Citizens.

In keeping with item 3 above, the Commission has compiled a list of resources for seniors of Mansfield titled “At Your Finger Tips” (see link below).

To contact members of the Commission on Aging, please email them at