Boards & Committees

Citizen Participation

Mansfield has a long history of citizen participation in government. In May 1703, the Connecticut General Assembly revised local town boundary lines to ensure Mansfield residents could access a town meetinghouse without having to cross the "bad and dangerous"  Natchaug River. A commitment to citizen involvement determined the very boundaries of Mansfield!

Attend & Volunteer

To find out about attending or joining a committee, you can view their agendas and minutes or visit their webpage listed below. To learn more about elected positions, contact the Town Clerk’s Office, or your local political party.  

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For a full list of Committees or to Signup to volunteer, Please click the photo above or visit the link here to fill out the application.  Before interviewing, applicants are asked to attend a meeting or two of the committee(s) they are interested in and speak to the staff that support the committee(s). This is both to gain clarity on the work of the committee(s) as well as gauge the time commitment. 

Boards & Committee Webpages

Use the links below (or on the left side of this page) to check out each group’s webpage to access agendas, minutes and more. They are broken up alphabetically into four groupings for ease of access.