Town/University Relations (Town/Gown)

Committees Agendas and Minutes

Town/University Relations Committee

Co-Chairs: Cara Workman and Toni Moran
Staff Lead: Ryan Aylesworth (Town Manager)

The Town/University Relations Committee (Town/Gown) was established in 1992 with a mission to promote and sustain positive relations between the University of Connecticut and the larger Mansfield community. The committee is comprised of representatives from both the Town and the University, and is co-chaired by the Mayor and the Special Assistant to the University President. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meetings, and the committee always provides an opportunity for public comment.

Town Representatives

  • Toni Moran, Mayor & Co-Chair
  • Paul Aho, PZC Member
  • Ryan Aylesworth, Town Manager
  • Brian Q. Coleman, Town Council
  • Dale Rose, Citizen Representative
  • (VACANCY), Citizen Representative

Staff Representatives

  • Jennifer Kaufman, Director of Planning and Development
  • Margaret Chatey, Communications Specialist
  • Cynthia van Zelm, Executive Director, Mansfield Downtown Partnership
UCONN Representatives
  • Cara Workman, Senior Director of Operations & Co-Chair
  • John Armstrong, Associate Dean of Students/Director, Care and Concern.
  • Sean Vasington, Asst. Director of Planning

Student Representatives:

  • Sean Dunn, USG External Affairs 

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