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To view pets available at the shelter, please review the Pet Finder website.

Adoption Process

Please take a few moments to read an explanation of our adoption policies and the steps that make up the process. You may be surprised to find that adopting an animal is a more involved process than expected. It means that you cannot have immediate access to an animal you are interested in. Therefore, it is important to understand two things:

  1. the process is the same for everyone and
  2. it is not in our interest to frustrate you

Rather, everything we do is for the best interest of the animals in our care, and at giving them the best possible chance of finding a forever home.

Here are the steps you will go through in the adoption process:

Before you can visit any animal, you have seen advertised, we will ask you to complete an adoption application. This application must be completed first in order to minimize stress for you and the animals. Our application includes asking questions, asking to see proof of identity, residence, and asking for veterinary references. This protects the health of adoption candidates as well as the pets you have already.

Once an application has been completed and approved, you may visit the animal you are interested in. You can ask your Animal Control Officer any questions about the pet. Please remember the only history we have on an animal is what they came with. Our evaluation of stray pets is only what we have seen during the time they have been with us.

You will be asked to pay an adoption fee and for some pets, sign an adoption contract. This fee covers spaying /neutering, micro chipping (if old enough) , if not already done, and the vaccines your pet has received at the shelter. You will receive all the medical paperwork for your new pet. For surrendered pets that includes and medical paperwork, the previous owner could provide.

The adoption process is not done on a first come first serve basis. We are trying to find the best possible fit for our pets. We know how stressful and upsetting it can be for the animals, staff, and for you, when an adoption does not work out and pets have to be returned to us. We want everyone involved to have the best possible adoption experience –a bad adoption experience can sour some people on dogs, cats, or on shelter animals for life.

Therefore, please be patient and understand that going through this process is the best policy – for all of us.

Adoption Application

Test Day

We offer a “test day,” a day in which new owners get to know the dog in a home situation. We strongly recommend group obedience training to strengthen the relationship with your dog.

State Statutes

By state statute we reserve the right to refuse any adoption. We are always prepared to take animals back if it doesn't work out.