Common Signs

If a human is bitten by a dog or bitten or scratched by a cat or wildlife, please seek immediate medical attention and contact your animal control facility.The most common signs of rabies are:

  • aggressive behavior
  • falling over or walking in circles
  • salivating at the mouth
  • inability to move
  • no fear of people
  • no interest in food

Rabies CT State Statute 22-339B

All dogs and cats 3 months and older have to be vaccinated against rabies and kept current. This also includes indoor cats. Violation of this ordinance is a $136 infraction.

Low Cost Rabies Clinic

Every year in June, Mansfield Animal Control, in cooperation with NECTAR and East Brook Animal Hospital organizes a low cost rabies clinic for dogs and cats at the Eagleville Firehouse (intersection Route 32/Route275 in Mansfield). It will be held on a Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. The beginning of May we will post the date of the clinic on the town’s website or call Mansfield Animal control.

June 2020 Notice

NECTAR in cooperation with Mansfield Animal Control, will host their annual low cost rabies clinic at the Eagleville Fire house Route 32/Route 275 in Mansfield is To Be Determined, $15 per vaccine.

Please bring your current rabies certificate for a 3 year vaccine. Please have dogs on a leash and 1 cat per carrier. 2 free vaccines per household with proof of low income.