Electronic Music Production




Walker Suib

Electronic Music Production

Availability: Walker is available for in-person lessons on weekdays, 3:00-8:00pm.


Walker has been a music producer for 7 years. He enjoys combining live instruments with digital sounds to create unique styles of music. While most of his experience has been in Connecticut, he has also produced for recording artists from Virginia, Georgia, and many other locations. Walker received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UConn, where he also participated in dozens of live performances. In the rare moments when he’s not making music, he can be found playing video games or exploring in nature.

What is Electronic Music Production?

This new music offering teaches you how to make beats while learning how to create drum patterns and compose melodies for genres including Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, EDM, and more! The best part is, no experience or equipment is required; though it is very helpful if students have access to a computer (iPads and iPhones are also a great alternative if a computer is not available.) Lessons can also be customized to include recording live instruments and vocals!